Production of keys.

Keys, car keys & motorcycle keys – All types and brands .

Have you lost your keys? Do you need to make a new key?

In this case, please contact us with confidence. We make all types of automotive car keys: standard keys, high security keys, transponder keys, and proximity remotes.

We produce quality keys from STAR, CES, CISA, FAB, EVVA, GE-GE, etc.

All keys are manufactured by our experienced technicians on professional electronic machines. When producing the key according to the data from the card, each key cut corresponds to the original key.

Don’t have a car card?

If it is an insert without a car card, or with a service or identification card, we will be happy to produce the keys for you even without a car card. Stop by our store. If it is an insert lock with a security card, then additional keys can only be produced after presenting the security card. This is to protect the keys from unauthorized copying and proves that you are the owner of the insert lock.

Have you lost your car key? Is your car key damaged?

You don’t have to tow the car. We will come to you and we will open the car for you on the spot. We will then produce a new car key for you in our establishment. No lock replacement and no car damage.

Thanks to our fast and complete solution, you will save when you lose your car key, because you do not have to replace the car lock or any electronic components.

The price offer for the services provided depends on the type of car and variant of making the car key (with immobilizer and chip, spare key, etc.) and on a distance to you.

Do not open the slammed door car yourselfand do not interfere with the vehicle’s electronics. It could greatly complicate our work, or even make it impossible for us to successfully produce a new car key.

The identity of the vehicle owner must be verified when making the car key according to the lock code and emergency opening of the car.