A slammed door – that’s not a nice thing that happens. It has definitely happened to everyone.

A moment of inattention, a draft or other problem and you stay in front of your apartment and think what to do next.

We always strive for the most effective solution. Our locksmiths will open the slammed door for you without any damage. We provide a complete service, we choose the most efficient solution and we pay attention to good references.

There is another situation very similar, but much more unpleasant, and that is the key left in your car. Your car may lock for a variety of reasons. This situation can be solved with the help of an expert or on your own. If you do it by yourself, there is a risk of damage to the car. A solution by breaking a window is usually the most expensive. If you have a slammed car door, then we only advise professional help. We open cars of all brands and years in Brno and throughout South Moravia.

Within Brno, the locksmith will come to you within 15-30 minutes, depending on the place where you are calling from.
We are also able to help you outside Brno. We travel all over South Moravia.

We provide professional locksmith services in Brno and its surroundings.

Locked doors are no problem for us. We are able to open doors that are slammed, locked or jammed in the most gentle and fastest way. We also unlock security doors from Adlo, Sherlock, BEDEX, Next, etc. Aluminum, plastic or wooden euro doors with a bar lock can also get stuck (in this case, you should definitely call our locksmith emergency).

As qualified locksmiths, we are regularly trained in various mechanical security systems, so we are able to offer you the most effective security system for your apartment or house. We can install security elements of all kinds, namely security fittings, security inserts, protective latches, additional locks, locks for plastic window handles and so on.

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