Car keys are our strongest point! We specialize in mechanical and electronic security systems of vehicles, where we provide sales, installation, service and repairs, all with an emphasis on safety, quality and reasonable price.

We manufacture all car keys with immobilizer and remote control – we perform mechanical fabrication of the teeth of the key and upload the chip code from your original key to the new one.

The car keys are equipped with an immobilizer directly in the key (protection against unauthorized start). We will ensure both the mechanical production of the key with the chip and its functional coding, either directly from your key, or for newer types of cars with crypto chips directly in the car.

We perform repairs of car locks, unification of car locks and producing of car locks for an existing key.

How many car keys do you have? You should have two by default. One that you normally use and one backup. If you have already lost one key, if it is damaged or non-functional, or you only received one key when you bought the car (which is not uncommon for used cars), get a replacement as soon as possible. Buying a spare car key may now seem unnecessary, but it is an investment that will pay off. Don’t wait until you lose the last key to your car!

Take advantage of our professional locksmith services.

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